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Perfect solution to increase security and improve efficiency for companies, business, tenants and private houses - additionally, increasing property value

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Enhance the security of your home with our access control system. Embrace the technology of the future today: facial recognition, temporary QR code scanning, and temporary PIN code entry. With us, your home is under reliable protection!

Your business deserves the best protection. Use our advanced access control system, which provides face identification, temporary QR codes, PIN codes, and card scanning. Make your commercial property safer with us!

Organize your office workflow at the highest level with our advanced access control system. Facial recognition, temporary QR code scanning, temporary PIN code entry - all this allows you to manage employee and guest access quickly and safely. The time tracking feature will help optimize processes and increase work efficiency. Your office deserves the best - choose our access control system!

We are made for any type of premises and can even refine employee performance and business time optimization.

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Clients feedbacks

As a business, we couldn't be more pleased with the access control system that has been installed in our office. The advanced features, including facial recognition with anti-spoofing technology and the quick, secure access provided by the MIFARE card system, have greatly enhanced our security. This is a solution we wholeheartedly recommend to any company seeking to boost both safety and efficiency.


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